Tattoo flash from the Late 19th Century was realized from the fringe of Western society's norms. The flash artists working in seedy waterfront parlors to wild circus midways painted exotic and wild images onto the skin of sailors, outcasts, and various types of criminals. Their personalized paintings held the messages of hopes, dreams, superstitions, dread, and the luck of the wearer. Standing the test of time, tattoo flash has become iconic in today's mainstream culture. Our designs combine original vintage flash with a message which we hope will inspire and unite us today.


Our Story

One man’s respect for the beauty of vintage tattoo art and the challenges the artists faced became a passion for collecting rare flash art. His collection inspired another who was searching for meaning in building a new apparel brand. The artwork was not only striking and imaginative, the lore of the artists were uniquely compelling. Their stories were of outliers and outlaws practicing on the fringe of societal norms using their raw artistry in a new and dangerous way.

Who are we?

Collectors, collaborators, consumers, communicators and caring creatives.